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Re: Morning sickness

I'm on Diclectin and it's doing the same thing - making me sleepy, so that I can sleep my way through the nausea when DH is home, and keeping me from actually vomiting for the most part when I have to be up and dealing with life. I'm fairly certain I'm becoming dehydrated because even water makes me bleeech. Yesterday I thought that I was going to die.
Good news! Today I felt awesome. Slightly nauseous, but I was able to eat a meal and enjoy it! I wasn't even scared or thinking of what it would taste like coming back up or nothin'! So there are good days out there waiting for you!
I hope that you find a solution - for me, it appears that adding Zantac to Diclectin made a pretty big difference, but I have acid reflux. I hope that tomorrow you can have a good day, too!
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