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Originally Posted by mapleleaf88
I'm on Diclectin and it's doing the same thing - making me sleepy, so that I can sleep my way through the nausea when DH is home, and keeping me from actually vomiting for the most part when I have to be up and dealing with life. I'm fairly certain I'm becoming dehydrated because even water makes me bleeech. Yesterday I thought that I was going to die.
Good news! Today I felt awesome. Slightly nauseous, but I was able to eat a meal and enjoy it! I wasn't even scared or thinking of what it would taste like coming back up or nothin'! So there are good days out there waiting for you!
I hope that you find a solution - for me, it appears that adding Zantac to Diclectin made a pretty big difference, but I have acid reflux. I hope that tomorrow you can have a good day, too!
I'm hoping the good days come soon. I'm glad you felt better yesterday.

Originally Posted by canadianbakers

Hopefully as we get closer to 13 weeks (and the second trimester!) this m/s will be a thing of the past for our group!

I'm rather glad now that I didn't bother going to the Dr to try diclectin (had considered it) - I haven't vomited, but not for my body's lack of wanting to, kwim? I just really hate puking and fight it like crazy. But there have been a bunch of times I know I could have, if I had just let myself. Instead I lay there and say "NO. I REFUSE to puke." DH laughs at me... and feels sorry for me, too
But I have that "I'm going to puke" feeling nearly all day, and then worsening as late afternoon hits and through the evening.
I will fight throwing up tooth and nail even though my rational side knows I'd probably feel better if I just got it over with.

Originally Posted by UmmKira
With DD2 I felt a nauseous feeling almost all day, and when we went on vacation and I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin, I realized I barely felt sick. I switched up the vitamin and felt quite a bit better. I was no where near what you all are having to battle through, but maybe it could help a little? **hugs**
I don't take prenatals for that reason. I start once the ms is gone.
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