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Re: How's everyone feeling?

To all of you drinking coke for MS. It is the sugar syrup that is helping. If you don't like the idea of drinking coke, you can sip the juice from canned fruit instead (e.g. peaches or pears). Just don't get the light syrup - get the full sugar strength kind. Or continue drinking coke - if it ain't broke and all that...

I have some nausea, which is new for me, since I had none with DS. Especially if I let myself get hungry, then it is really bad. Also, the middle of the night seems particularly bad ... I feel just ill when I have to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. It isn't bad enough to make me actually sick though, so I don't really mind. I have a really strong stomach and hardly ever throw up, so I doubt it will get to that point. I have no breast tenderness, which makes me worried. I am still bfing my DS a bit, but I have very low supply (always have), so I was hoping for lots of breast tenderness to tell me that my breast tissue was growing so that I could exclusively bf the new baby. I need to call a lactation consultant.

I have been a little more tired than usual, but I'm not sure if that is pregnancy related. I have a lot of life stuff going on right now (plus an 18 month old who seemingly hates sleep).
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