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Irritated with my own irritability

Anyone else in this boat?! Ugh! Last pregnancy, I was IRRITABLE! I mean, anything and everything set me off and poor DH received most of it. It scarred him out of wanting to even think about having another baby until now. Well, the irritability is definitely back. This time though, Im able to recognize it for what it is, and not take it out on DH. The only sucky part is that even though I can control the irritability, it doesnt automatically mean Im warm and fuzzy. I dont really want to spend any time with DH (which is not the norm) and that stinks for him b/c his love language is quality time:-(. He is trying to be understanding, but I think its starting to wear on him :-(. Its made even more difficult b/c he works rotating shifts so he rarely sees me as it is. When he does, Id honestly rather sleep or honestly, just not be around him b/c it would require that I be warm and fuzzy and cuddly which just icks me out right now. DH is an AMAZING guy. Its not him, its me and my hormones. But, it doesnt change the situation. Just wanted to vent, say Im tired of feeling this way already (but glad Im able to attribute it to hormones and NOT DH), want to feel fond about DH again, and want to know if anyone else can relate?

Ive been behaviorally doing more things for/with DH, but it stinks that my heart isnt in it! Darn hormones!!!
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