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how do you protect your kids from molestation?

dd has a new physical therapist at school that is a man. i've never met him, have heard nothing bad about him, but it makes me a little sick to think that this is the first time in Amelia's life that she could get hurt. She's never been alone with a male before and a select few women such as her other therapists at school. They take her to and from the therapy room when they take her out of the classroom for therapy. I know logically that a woman can molest a child too, but statistics show that men are much more likely to be offenders so without even being given a chance i have assumed the worst about this person.

i've never had a talk with dd on this topic, i have never felt like it was a real possibility for her to get hurt up until now. i don't want her to be afraid of everyone or get confused about what is appropriate and inappropriate touching. i don't want her to come home from school and say that her therapist was touching her in a bad way when really it was just something she didn't want to do like uncomfortable stretches. i think this is a possibility for her, she's not manipulative but she is very naive and highly suggestible if that is a word. does that make sense?
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