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Re: how do you protect your kids from molestation?

My first thought husband is a PT and he wouldn't do that. I would feel badly if you were assuming it about him. HOWEVER, I have a past and my mind goes to the same thing very quickly. So, I'm not offended and I totally get it.

Secondly, are you sure he is alone with her? I know that is something my husband wouldn't do, even with an adult female. At the very least, he leaves the door cracked. I'd ask so you know and I'd also ask if the door is left open to the room or if it can be. Those things should help ease your mind.

And, I'd probably have a talk with your dd about appropriate touching and telling you immediately if anything feels uncomfortable. I would NOT give her any ideas about this man specifically. But, she should be aware of this regardless of this situation because it really can happen anywhere at anytime. Then, I would ask her how her therapy went everyday she has it. I wouldn't ask anything that will put ideas into her head. I'd just ask how it went and what they did, if they did anything different and maybe if it hurt (because sometimes therapy can and it goes without saying that other things can too).

I'm sorry you are worried. Even though my husband is a PT, I completely understand your fears.
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