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Re: Basically it's Thursday

Whee! I'm back.

Hugs Kari. It usually stops quickly, and they don't do it each time forever.

Good job on the pot Janine. Looks fab.

Hang in there Jess. Nephew sounds like a handful. Which reminds me, Ian kept saying "F U" yesterday, and I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say and trying not to freak out about what it sounded like. Turns out he was trying to say "nephew" but never heard the "N" sound when he first heard it in context.

I have pieced and cut half the tiles for the backsplash. It is a bigger job than I anticipated. But I am over the learning curve now and should be able to knock out the other half faster. I hope that when it comes time to put it on the wall, I don't find out I did it all wrong. I also will try to cut the remaining pieces outside. I didn't anticipate that cutting 1/2" wide glass tiles with a nipper could get tiny glass shards all over an entire room, that just covering the table with an old curtain was not enough.

So now I need to eat a quick lunch, assess this dump, and put humpty back together again. It never ends, does it? I keep wishing for that house fairy to come and poof make it all better again.
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