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Re: how do you protect your kids from molestation?

I'm honestly surprised by all the responses about the PT never being allowed alone with the child. I work in a school and our school personnel are often alone with students. It may be the speech therapist, the social worker, PT, OT, a teacher after school or at lunch for a detention, the custodian who is in the hall alone with the child when a lock needs to be cut off a locker b/c the student forgot his or her combination, the principal, the librarian if you child goes to check out a book and no one else is there. I think it's unrealistic to think that your child will never be alone with someone at school.

I know you said it's more likely that a male be a predator than a female but it's also more likely that someone you know personally be a predator than a school professional. The best thing you can do to help protect your child is to talk about good touch bad touch and what to do if they ever feel uncomfortable. It's also important to have the conversation often. If you are uncomfortable with your child being serviced at school maybe you could look into private services that would be provided in your home.
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