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Re: Healthy grab-able breakfast stuff

My husband likes some of the unhealthy stuff too (though he will eat a lot of the healthy stuff, but not all)

I'll sometimes stick things in the fridge or on the counter for him to take along with his lunch, like a little jar of nuts or fruit. He likes homemade granola bars with peanut butter. I was going to suggest overnight oatmeal too but my husband doesn't touch oatmeal usually unless it's in granola bars or granola. He loves plain Greek yogurt (either Chobani or Cabot brand) with a bit of raw honey, with or w/o homemade granola. I try to make it healthy but tasty still - using coconut oil etc.

I think I might try the paleo waffle idea sometime. I started using coconut flour recently and while I'm sure he still prefers the regular pancakes, he does like the coconut pancakes and they are so much healthier and filling! So that's something you could try, maybe. I've also done veggie sticks with hummus (usually carrots, celery and cucumber) and he'll eat those. Lately we've been doing a tomato/cucumber salad - not really breakfast, but at least it makes for a healthy lunch or snack that he enjoys

He likes banana muffins though he doesn't really like banana flavoured things. I've made them with whole wheat flour from the catcancook site and he likes them that way esp. with chocolate chips, even though he doesn't care for whole wheat flour usually. Not the healthiest, but still better than a lot of breakfast choices!

Oh I'll make quiche sometimes too in a pie plate, and there are always leftovers, so that's pretty easy to grab and microwave, and super healthy. I should start doing that again.

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