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Re: Irritated with my own irritability

Yeah, I am super irritable with dh too. Everything he says or does irritates me. Some of it he deserves..some not. (like bringing coffee to the bedroom when the first whiff makes me want to hurl. He says "i didn't know it still bothers you" really? Cause I have told you every.single. Day. At least twice a day, for the past 6 weeks. ) and as far as being intimate...just the thought makes me irritable!
Thanks for sharing!! Goodness, I was feeling like Im the only one! Its like, everything that bothers me is magnified....and its exponetially magnified for DH for some reason! Even if Im not being irritated with him (which Im VERY good about this pregnancy) he can still tell Im generally irritated (like a simmering pot ready to boil over) and this is hard for him to be around (and rightfully so). The thought of being touched makes my skin crawl (even though I still get in the mood often-go figure!), so even thinking of snuggling makes me dry heave! Thank God he is on swing shift this week so I wont see him at all (just talk on the phone). That way I wont be around him and itll be easier to manage the felt irritation :-) I just cant wait until these hormones level out a bit! I feel so bad for my wonderful DH and sorry his wife is a bag of irritation.
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