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Re: laughing question

my almost 5 year old dd didn't laugh much, but was very inquisitive, even as an infant. She would just stare and we could tell she was figuring things out and studying them. She did smile but the LAUGHING was for special occasions. We don't vax anymore because she seemed to almost not laugh at all after she got the MMR vaccine. She was sick from the vaccine for almost 5 months and between 1 and 1-1/2, seemed miserable and acted like she hated everything. long story. She is fine now, giggles almost as much as our 3 year old, who is a GIGGLEBOX, and still changes so much the older she gets.
She is 4-1/2 and has just started to read, is very smart, an obvious analytical thinker already, very imaginative, loves her baby sisters to pieces and takes up for them BIG TIME, etc. Another unique thing about her is her memory. It's OUT OF THIS WORLD. At 4 years old, she will recall things from 2 years ago. So don't worry. If all kids were the same, life wouldn't be as fun.
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