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Re: Irritated with my own irritability

You are not alone. I was actually going to post about this last week because I thought I was going to explode!

DH does get some of it, usually for some thing did and he usually deserves it. Some things though he can not help for instance I can not stand the sound of him drinking coffee or water. Coffee he swishes I swear around in his mouth before he swallows even though he denies it- I can not stand the sound. And when he drinks water it's like he opens his throat is some sort of super human discussing way and the sound is makes MAKES my skin crawl. Last pregnancy I would actually plug my ears because it irritated me SO much.

I am lacking patients greatly with my children as well and end up being very short with them. I am trying to recognize and take a deep breath and think before I yell to find a better alternative. DD and DS are testing the limits and I try to do one warning and them a time out but carrying a 40lbs 3 year old having a fit up the stairs is almost impossible. I just want them to listen but that's not going to happen, they are just at the testing age so I'm doing the best I can. When DH is home I rely heavily on him to step if up with parenting so I can have a bit of a break. BTW my children are very well behaved little angels for others-it's just me who gets all their delicious naughty behaviour...

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