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Re: Irritated with my own irritability

Ahh children. Mine are driving me up a wall too. Both are teething toddler molars and one has a cold. They just plain stopped playing by themselves and insist on me entertaining them all the time.

As for sounds that irritate that is where I get off a little easy, I am hard-of-hearing so many sounds just pass me by. Smells are a whole other monster. I have such a crazy preggo nose! We had to stop giving the puppy wet food because if I smelled it anywhere I would throw up. The smell of my girl's diapers are also getting to me and sometimes make me hurl.

My students are driving me nuts this semester, I simply have NO patience for whiny college students. It is also bugging me that some are calling me by my first name, I didn't go to graduate school, get four degrees, and teach for 7 years to be called Anya!
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