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Re: Morning sickness

Originally Posted by UmmKira View Post
With DD2 I felt a nauseous feeling almost all day, and when we went on vacation and I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin, I realized I barely felt sick. I switched up the vitamin and felt quite a bit better. I was no where near what you all are having to battle through, but maybe it could help a little? **hugs**
I haven't taken mine since the m/s kicked in. I just can't do it! I couldn't take them in the morning when I actually feel decent enough to, because vitamins tend to give me migraines or IBS troubles (or both). And by bedtime I'm feeling so that I couldn't stomach them at all.

Originally Posted by bumminbeachbabe View Post
I will fight throwing up tooth and nail even though my rational side knows I'd probably feel better if I just got it over with.
I said the same thing to DH the other day. He said I wouldn't feel any better, cuz it's not like a tummy bug that your body is trying to get rid of, kwim? Ah well, I didn't want to puke and try it anyways!
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