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Originally Posted by twinpossible
My students are driving me nuts this semester, I simply have NO patience for whiny college students. It is also bugging me that some are calling me by my first name, I didn't go to graduate school, get four degrees, and teach for 7 years to be called Anya!
Ooooh that would make me so mad. When I was a kid I ALWAYS used Mr. and Mrs. with my friends' parents and would like that same respect. You don't see that much in my area now. At least assume the formal way when addressing adults (and professors) and then be corrected the other way. Maybe I'm weird and old-fashioned, though.

More on grouchiness, I have this gossipy/liar friend that I've told off twice, and I've been pregnant both times. She is barely tolerable under normal circumstances, but once I'm expecting I just can NOT deal with her and finally tell her to leave me alone. I guess the crazy hormones make me brave, so maybe it isn't all bad. Haha!
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