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Re: how do you protect your kids from molestation?

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
That sounds good. But in a time where we barely have enough money to keep paras to keep the special education ratios legal, there are not extra adults just laying around. Our district has fired the librarians, most of the secretaries, most of the paras, and is bare bones. No field trips, no new books for the library, no new textbooks, nothing! There is not someone to just sit with the PT all day.

We have many service providers in our building--OT, PT, ST, psychologist, and 2 behvioral therapists who are outsourced and paid for by Medicaid/private insurance. There is no way that we could supervise all of them.

The school district hired a professional. He is treated the same as any other employee by the district. It is unreasonable to expect he be supervised by another adult. If you are uncomfortable with it, request that you be present during all therapy. You are permitted to come to the school and supervise any time you wish.

Or, get a script from your doctor and go to private pay therapy. DS does PT at school, but also sees a private therapist once a week. Medicaid pays for it.
That is the truth! Our school was scrambling today when a teacher left because of a sick child and I was pulled from doing Discovery testing to teach the class.

OP! It IS a scary though to think that our little ones would ever be hurt like that. I agree about having the talk and periodically reminding her and saying never be scared to tell. That said, I do agree too that is much much less likely to happen in that setting than a family friend/relative. I was molested as a kindergartener by a family friend who was babysitting. Never ever once at school in all my years did I ever have a teacher even act inappropriately in anyway with me in their presence or towards me.

Our school's OT is 'alone', but he pulls 2 kiddos at a time and he does it in teacher mail/copier/lounge so people are always in and out.
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