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Originally Posted by Michelle_M
I am 38w4d (or 38w5d depending on who's calculations you use). My water broke about 1pm. It's now 4:30. I've started having some contractions, but they are still sporadic as far as timing goes, but not very painful.

I have a regular appointment with my midwife at 5:30, and at this point it's looking like I'll totally make that. Hoping by then things will be regular and I'll be "in the zone" enough to stay and not have to bring all the kids back home just to turn around and go in a few hours later. Plus, I have two friends coming to the birth.. one to baby sit my kids, and one to observe as part of her certification process to become a birth educator.

I've eaten, all the necessities are in the car, and now it's just "hurry up and wait."

On a cool note.. it's my dad's birthday, so he's even MORE excited about this baby now than he was yesterday. LOL

God bless!
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