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Re: DFW mamas

Things are not going according to "plan." *sigh* and I'm really emotional about it. I got to my appointment, my midwife checked me. I'm a finger tip dilated. But that's not the bad news. She is fairly certain that Bella is breach, but isn't exactly sure of the baby's position. She is sending me to L&D to see the OB that she partners with. The OB is going to do an ultrasound to determine Bella's exact position. This doctor DOES do versions.. so depending on everything he sees, he may or may not attempt a version on her. The "iffy" thing about the version is that they are not as successful once your water has ruptured, so Betty isn't sure if the OB will attempt it or not. It just depends on what he sees on the ultrasound.

If baby is breach and a version is not possible or effetive, then he will c-section me pretty much immediately since my water has already ruptured. If he can get baby to turn, or if she IS breach... then we'll discuss options at that point (like doing a bit of inducing since I'm not contracting at all, or sending me home to labor until I'm ready to go back to my midwife. Betty (my midwife) said it's the weirdest thing.. she has had SOO MANY babies turn breach this month.

She is a Christian, and as she was trying to find the baby's postion prayed (out loud) for guidance. And this is the plan she felt was the best. She also said that the OB is a strong Christian and that they are friends, and SHE trusts HIS judgment as well. So, if she says that this is the best course of action, then I trust her. She also said that while the doctor WILL do a C-section if it's necessary, he is NOT a doctor who suggests c-sections lightly, and will only do one if he feels there are truly no other options.

I will update when I can. Please PLEASE PLEASE pray that this baby is "turnable" if she is indeed breach. The c-section is THE LAST thing that I want!!!
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