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Originally Posted by brayden2020
I know this is probably just me being paranoid, but I'm still curious.

Anyone have a baby who never laughed? My DD 3 hardly ever laughs. When she does it is only because I tickle her and even then it's for a brief second and she fights against it. She smiles at most things but the non laughter is throwing me off.
She is only 6 months so in hoping it will come soon and maybe it's to early, but my nephew is 5 weeks older and has been laughing for months...and at everything.

I know every baby is different but I can't shake the feeling that something is different. Early sign of autism maybe?paranoia?
I sign does not =autism. It takes many characteristics. DD2 wasn't a big laugher til 14 months or so, though she did smile. That being said, if you're radar is going off, keep on eye on things. Parent rating scales have been shown to accurately identify autism as early as 18 months....
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