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Re: Irritated with my own irritability

Originally Posted by Sunshine915 View Post
Ooooh that would make me so mad. When I was a kid I ALWAYS used Mr. and Mrs. with my friends' parents and would like that same respect. You don't see that much in my area now. At least assume the formal way when addressing adults (and professors) and then be corrected the other way. Maybe I'm weird and old-fashioned, though.

More on grouchiness, I have this gossipy/liar friend that I've told off twice, and I've been pregnant both times. She is barely tolerable under normal circumstances, but once I'm expecting I just can NOT deal with her and finally tell her to leave me alone. I guess the crazy hormones make me brave, so maybe it isn't all bad. Haha!
I am totally old fashioned too, I always call older or higher leveled people by a title until told otherwise.

Oh and I totally unfriended a person like that last week on FB

Originally Posted by Sunshine915 View Post
I had a miscarriage earlier in the year, so I've basically been a hormonal mess since January! It's been a looooong "first tri."
I had a loss in May at 12 weeks so I am right there with you. I have been a mess since Jan. I feel like I should be birthing at my original due date, this pregnancy feels like it is taking forever!

Originally Posted by sterlids View Post
yeah i've felt like i needed to put out an apology on fb to all my friends and family and few times. i'm a very honest person but with these crazy hormones my honesty is presented in a mean way :/ and that just isn't me. i'm usually not mean with my honesty. i also have zero patience with people who don't have common sense and don't use their brains. i have low tolerance for these people not pregnant but now i down right can't handle them at all.
Me too, I have been holding back but the other day I got SO mad and frustrated about everyone's political crap. I finally just unfollowed their posts on my wall because it made me so pissed all the time.
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