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Bleach sensitivity

I recently bleached dd's dipes and within the next 24 hours I noticed a small rash building. I didn't think much of it. I just put some cream on her and went about things. Then I noticed it was everywhere. Her arms, legs, belly, butt, all over. So we stopped using cloth and I put her in sposies. I washed her dipes again without bleach. I tried giving her some allergy medicine to calm the rash down but that didn't help. On day three I finally took her to a walk in clinic. Doc said she had a reaction to the bleach and gave us a script. After we got that in her I noticed a difference within a couple hours and by the end of the second day it was all gone.

So, no more bleach here. What else can I use to get them really, really clean? I've heard about vinegar? Is it the same concept as bleach? How much? Does it really work? Any other things I can do? What about winter, I can't hang my dipes with a foot of snow on the ground so they go through heck in the winter months. We don't get much sunshine in our house either because we have a crap ton of trees around. Please help!

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