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Re: WOHMs in medical field

I'm not in the medical field, but both my parents were, as well as DH's aunt. They've all retired in the last 5 years.

Job title: RN
Degree: Bachelors
Schedule: 5 8-hour days a week
Wage: decent money. 10 years ago, she made $40-60k/year depending how much overtime and floating she did.
Shift: pm shift 3-12pm She worked on the general medical/surgery floor and occasionally worked ICU.

Job title: Respratory Therapist
Degree: Bachelors and Masters in Economics. 2 years in respiratory therapy
Schedule: 3 12-hour days 4 days off
Wage: $50k a year
Shift: graveyard 7pm to 8 pm. Covered all respiratory patients in a large county hospital, including the crash cart and ICU. When he was older and close to retirement, he worked in the hospitals's blood gas lab. He could sit down and he didn't need to run all over the hospital during code blue.

Job title: don't remember her title, but she was the head nurse who assessed and scheduled all surgeries in the hospital. She was management and had a lot of clout.
Degree: Masters of Nursing
Schedule: 5 8-hour days, but often worked overtime
Wage: Made very good money for a nurse. $100k/year
Shift: day shift, but got to work very early, around 5am before all the surgeries began.
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