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Itty Bitty OS, Softwear Large (cheap!), GMD Fitted

Forgive the hasty pics. Feel free to ask for additional ones.

2 Itty Bittys
Snaps/elastic are e/vguc. No stains. Both have the main snap-in insert, which is basically 2 inserts sewn together, and 2 snap-in, layerable soakers. Tons of absorbency. For smaller babies, it has cross over snaps and the rise folds down. The pink one has a snap-on panel to cover the inner snaps. The green one does not. $15 PPD Each

6 Softwear Large, cotton fitteds.
Strong elastic, tacky velcro. No stains. These are lightweight diapers you'd likely want to use boosters with. I used gcloth. We need to move to all flats so getting rid of them. $4 PPD Each, please buy in 2 or more, thanks I will throw in a free Imse Vimse large air flow cover if you buy 3 or more.

Softwear is on the right; all dipes are same condition. GAD on left.

1 GAD Semi Fitted OS
Silky velour inner. Hemp outer. Has pocket for stuffing. No closures. You can use pins or snappi, or simply fold the tabs over and cover, like I did. To fit a smaller baby, you fold over the top. Great diaper, just not line dry friendly at all because of the hemp. $10 PPD I will include a gcloth insert if you'd like. Inner diaper is pictured above, on left. If you want an outer view, let me know.

3 GMD Infant Fitted SOLD
LOVED THESE. So soft in every way: the fabric, the elastic. Wonderfully trim. 100% cotton. Elastic and velcro are all good. Stain free. You can get some extensive wear from these cause they will fit for a good while. I frequently paired them with hemp boosters and left my dd coverless. $12 for all three. For $20 I will include the three Thirsties hemp boosters I used with them or 3 gcloth.

GMD Workhorse Fitted, Small (yellow edge) SOLD
This is embarrassing. The diaper is perfectly EUC except one minor flaw: a small and faint scorch mark near the front row of snaps. When I first began CDing, I was unfamiliar with hang drying. I did learn heat softened them up quite a bit so I began sticking diapers in the microwave for 10-15 seconds then kneading them. One day I decided to try thirty seconds or so and well, the diapers caught fire. This is the only one that didn't have a true char mark on it. The stain is about as strong as a light to medium ebf stain and spans about the size of a nickel. $6 PPD

Closeup of mark:

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