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Originally Posted by clexiske06
I have one in the bathroom and it's been there for a long time. I ask her every morning and night if she wants to wear her pretty panties ( I have tons a different pretty ones) she freaks out and says noooooo noo noo mom I can't. Every time. We have another potty ( she has peed once in) it sings when you pee or poop in it and she was excited about that for the one and only day I got her to pee in it. Now she flips out about it. I will ask her if she wants to pee or poop on the potty and she can have a sticker or m&m's. She still says she can't. I feel like I'm hitting a very thick brick wall!!!! I have lots of potty books and Elmo's potty DVD, she will even sing the song!
Hmmm. Has she picked out her own potty at the store? I don't know, just trying to have more ideas for you! My DD hated that musical potty,btw.
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