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Fixed stinky stinky BABY!!!!

I have been using cloth diapers since January and have been committed through all my problems with stinkiness and got all that solved...except for the baby. My daughter is now potty trained but it was the same with her when she used them, but my son has an odor. Now, I have noticed this on other cloth diaper babies when I have held them...just a faint urine smell. I tried changing him more often, wiping really good and wiping my wrap (I use best bottoms), and even changing the wrap every other time. But he always seems to have a slight pee smell on his area. Honestly it is embarrassing! The diapers smell clean (and I am very sensitive to smells...some of my friends have said they don't smell him in the past when they have even directly sniffed) so maybe it's me? But it is driving me nuts and I am on the verge of giving it up and going back to sposies. Perhaps it is because I use sposies for the first almost two years and am used to the lightly scented nature of those? Please help me! Maybe bum refresher spray or something? His skin is so sensitive.

Thanks for your help ladies...I so couldn't do this without all of you!!!
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