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Re: Plastic cover over pocket diaper?

Originally Posted by themachine View Post
We currently use the microfiber inserts that came with the diapers. They are doubled up, so it's 2 pads in each diaper. We wash with Charlie's soap, as well as a natural sports detergent that helps with the smell.

Okay, I guess I'd do one of two things. First, strip your inserts and diaper shells to insure that you do not have buildup, and therefore repelling. If after you do that, and they seem more absorbent, I'd switch to a mainstream detergent.

If it's not buildup, then I'd invest in some hemp babies (or similar) doublers. Put a microfiber insert on top, and then hemp below. The MF will absorb the pee fast, but the hemp will hold a lot if that makes sense.

Hope this helps.
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