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Re: Speech Delay Is it time for eval? **Update EVAL was today/Results**

I think it's great that you got the eval now rather than waiting. I've waited in the past and wished I did it earlier. I have two kids who do a phono speech program(so they chat like crazy, but you can't always understand them). Amazing progress, you will be so happy and the kids just love it. At that age it's like having a super babysitter who plays great games!!

Also just wanted to mention, that I was FTT and I'm doing just fine It's such a horrible term IMO, wish they would call it something else, like she's itty bitty, lol!

Also, she seems good on many of the areas at 18m, 20 mo etc. So seems mainly the receptive side of things - plus the ears can def put her back too, so hopefully that is resoved now.

Sounds like you are doing a great job with her.
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