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Re: Irritated with my own irritability

My students are driving me nuts this semester, I simply have NO patience for whiny college students. It is also bugging me that some are calling me by my first name, I didn't go to graduate school, get four degrees, and teach for 7 years to be called Anya
OMG THIS!! But, instead of students, I have patients! It takes everything out of me to be level headed with them nowadays! I know its just me, or part of their disorder, but its so hard dealing with their behavior recently!!! And, yes, it stinks to be called by your first name in a professional environment when you have a title!! I had a patient get upset with me today b/c he called at 0800 and I couldnt call him back until noon (because I was in session until then!!)! I mean, Im at work....of COURSE Im WORKING all day!!!

Praise God for DH! He really has been great through all of this! I run him around terribly and when we are both home, I essentially take a break from...well....everything lol! I know I need to step it up in the wife department, but goodness, I feel I have SO much less to go around!

This has got me wondering....what is the evolutionary or emotional/spiritual purpose of this irritability we all experience!?? There MUST be one lol!
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