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Re: I need help understanding modern schooling

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
That is a fairly standard early ed class here. Children with special needs including emotional disturbance/behavioral are intitled to a free public education by law. The schools are often attempting to provide what is required by law with the least possible amount of resources. The "behavioral" children she was refering to are likely on a path to a non-public day placement in a theraputic setting.(read SUPER expensive and paid for by the public school system) I have worked for our local public schools in various capacities(mostly special ed) in years past. I have also acted as an IEP advocate. I feel blessed that I have options for our family and choose to take advantage of the ability to homeschool for these reasons. Having taught in a school program that serviced children with emotional disturbance. It was a HUGE undertaking to manage these children and was very disruptive. I became concerned about the resources that might be left for my neurotypical children. It is sad and can be frustrating. There are so few options for children with special needs and I feel like they need the public school system more than most.
Would you say that after K, the majority of those kids are weeded out and placed into special ed classes that can better suit their needs, or do they continue to try to mainsteam them?
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