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We let him watch PBS in the morning. And we used to do Mickey mouse, or jake and the Neverland pirates, but we have strict rules about NO spongebob, no phineas( sp check) and pherb.

discovery chanel or nature shows are all right, and he likes bob Ross, and cooking shows. But he only gets an hour in the mornings, and then the occasional ( semi monthly) movie

TV nowadays is nothing but crap. I watch a few of the "teen" shows, like the secreet life, and bun heads, and I Can. Not. Believe. They are meant for youth! My kids definitely won't be watching them as they grow up. And I can't stand the teen shows on Disney and nickalodian . They put to much emphasis on becoming famous, and that is the last thing I want for my children! should see what my posts look like BEFORE auto correct.

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