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Re: Bleach sensitivity

Originally Posted by pine_apple_goat View Post
Thanks ladies. Maybe next time I will add it to the prerinse. And then wash normal. I have never bleached before this time and now I'm nervous about doing it again.
I understand this exactly mama! My DD has some of the most sensitive skin I have ever seen in my life! She can't touch any clothing washed in even the most sensitive skin detergents. It took me forever to find one that she didn't react too. I just recently washed a load of diapers with bleach because I bought a used fitted that had ammonia and got scared and bleached everything. Well the first time I put a diaper on her from that load two hours later she got the most terrible contact rash and SHE DIDN'T EVEN PEE IN THE DIAPER!! I knew it was the bleach - So I washed twice and rinsed about 4 times just to be safe and she didn't react from the same load. I think that vinegar is a great alternative and have been using that as well although many warn it will kill the elastic over time but then again- won't bleach and hot water and the dryer and just wearing them everyday do the same? LOL I would just do bleach maybe once a week/ or month if you feel it necessary (because I'm a germaphobe and want to disinfect!) but rinse rinse rinse and just check often when you use the first couple of diapers from that load! Good luck!
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