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Re: how do you protect your kids from molestation?

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
Thats the thing! Special needs kiddos are so much more likely to be abused.

thanks everyone for your perspectives. it is probably an overdue conversation but i really never thought she was at risk, outside of occasional alone time with therapists she is only ever alone with me, my husband, and my parents.

this is what i did...first i asked her what the difference between a good touch and a bad touch, then told her that no one should be touching her on the areas her swim suit covers. then to make sure she understood i asked her what areas are covered by a swim suit. she said all of the private areas but also arms because she has had several rash guard 2 piece suits. see, confusing right? i told her that no one should ever tell her to keep a secret from me and that she can tell me anything. if someone is touching her in a bad way she should tell them no as loud as she can and tell me.

terra i'm so sorry you were hurt. its so sad that this happens at all. i guess i wanted to keep dd ignorant of the bad things out there but i know that can do more harm than good.

to the pp whos dh is a therapist...i know this is unfair to him, and this line of thinking could cause someone to have a false sense of security that a woman couldn't hurt a child. i know its not impossible for a woman to abuse a child but i really did think that men are more likely to be sexually abusive. in any case, this poor man is probably a great therapist and i have nothing to worry about, but this conversation needed to happen and i guess this is what i needed to kick my butt into talking about it.
It really does suck so bad that we and our children have to worry about such things. It scares the poop out of me!! It's really one reason I'm more of a 'helicopter' parent for sure and why I like working at the schools where my boys go! Thank you! Thankfully it was one time and he was put in jail.
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