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Re: HELP1 2.5 YR DD refuses the potty

Hi there clexiske06!

Sorry you are having this struggle w/ your DD. Now that this will pass and you will smile about it yrs from now. I promise you your DD will potty train.

I have 4 DDs and I have done EC w/ my younger 2.

My ODD took a while to potty train. It took forever to get her to poo in the potty. Her sister who was 14 months younger was able to go poo in the potty before her.

Like others have said this is a big transition for her. It is hard because she is probably afraid to be w/o her diaper. She has had this as her portable bathroom for more than 2 yrs and it must seem so overwhelming to do it in the potty. The diaper also hides things from little ones so she may not even be aware of the connection of needing to go and then actually going.

I second the ideas of others to have her go in the tub when you can see she has to go and having her go w/o a diaper so she can see what is actually happening. Another option is to have her outdoors w/o a diaper (maybe the backyard). What about putting the diaper in the potty but not putting it on her? That may make her somewhat more comfortable.

Best wishes and keep us posted.
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