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Re: I need help understanding modern schooling

Originally Posted by joslin View Post
Can you all tell me that in your experience how much recess and lunch time do your kids get? This school used to have 2 30min recess for kids and half hour for lunch. As I look at the websites of schools around me ("better districts") they have 10-15 minute recesses, some twice a day but most once a day and 15 minute lunch.
At our school K-2 get 3 recesses. A 15 min one in the morning, 30 min after lunch (or before if they are the last group to get lunch) and 15 min afternoon recess. They get 20 min for lunch. 3-4 get dropped down to 2 recesses I think. I'm not sure if they drop the morning or afternoon recess but it is possible they drop both 15 min recess and just get their lunch recess.
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