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Talk me down from the ledge please? LOL

I had a very early m/c (4-ish weeks) in June (and one around the same time in Sept 2003) so I'm VERY gun shy a beta drawn on Tuesday and the numbers were 2069. I think I was on CD31, I typically have 27 day cycles but ovulate semi-late (CD15 usually) but I wasn't temping or anything so I can't say for sure where I was.

Got another one today, CD34 and it was 4640.

My Tuesday draw was like at 2pm, the draw today was 9am. The calculators I found online gave me a 60-something doubling time.

They also said once the HCG number gets above 1200 a 72-hour doubling time is the low end of normal. So this is good right?
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