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Re: I need help understanding modern schooling

Originally Posted by joslin View Post
Do your schools have "early release days" all schools around here have 1-3 early release days A MONTH! So your kid gets out of school at noon and some schools have early release once a week. It is so weird here. They also get 2 "spring breaks" one is called February vacation and the other is a normal spring break, they are both a full week.
My oldest is in high school and my younger ones are not in school. But, I think the schools in the entire district are all on the same schedule. Anyway, they have about 1 late arrival day a month for teacher in service stuff. This is a change from before where they would have a couple of days totally off each quarter for in service.

In addition, this year they have switched to a "balanced calendar" where they start back Aug. 1 each year, have a 2 week "fall break" in October, a standard 2 week winter break at then end of the year/Christmas time and then a 2 week spring break March/April. They do still get Labor Day off, 2 days at Thanksgiving, Memorial day, all those standard holidays, as well as a couple built in snow days. But they have tried to eliminate random days off.

As for the February break...I have found that to be an east coast thing. We don't have that here in the midwest, but when I was working for a travel company, I learned that's a pretty common break period out eats. Lots of resorts booked up for "president's week"
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