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Re: I need help understanding modern schooling

Our school system is similar to the op's. We have 6 elementaries, one has the autism group, 2 are set up for physical disabilities and the life-skills classes, one for behavioral. There are 2 that don't have anything special that I know of. I know they were thinking of adding another behavioral class at the one and the last one is in one of the poorer areas and is pretty big. The do tons at that school already.

In k our school gets 3 recesses but one is right after lunch and if you finish your lunch fast you get a longer recess. I would guess actually outside play at the other 2 is around 15min (once you take out lining up and stuff). I think they get 45min for lunch and recess. My son is a slow eater (first to start, last to finish) so he usually gets 15min lunch but the rest seem to get nearly 30min.

We have early outs every Wednesday.
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