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Re: Hallelujah!!!

Here's a link to a video showing the stretches: basically, you place baby's head in your lap, feet away, and press the rogue back with your fingers (you press firmly, but, only hold for a few seconds). Then you massage the base of the tongue. You should stretch about 5-6 times a day and massage every feeding. That keeps it from healing back together. I also used a50::50 mix of calendula extract and aloe Vera juice on the revision site to help it heal without growing back together.

Bodywork is simply chiropractic/craniosacral therapy, the tongue tie can really cause a lot of restriction in the whole body sometimes there can be so much restriction that the tongue doesn't gain full mobility until after that is released through bodywork.. Then the tongue works much better as does the whole body.

I hope that helps some?

There's also a great group on Facebook: tongue tie babies support, which is where I've learned most of this (as well as personal experience)
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