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Re: Healthy grab-able breakfast stuff

I second Lara bars! There are so many fun flavor combos you can google! My kids love em too!! And pretty easy to make

I also have a new love of muffins, did banana bread muffins, spread with peanut butter so yummy and easy and protein in there too ( I did oh she glows' recipe) also you can do mini baked omelettes in the muffin tins, so they are eat-out-of-hand'able. Fill em with all the egg faves! And then today I did mini deep dish pizzas in muffin tins, you can customize each one differently if u want, use any pizza dough recipe u love and toppings too! Ooh also my SIL just found a great ww muffin mix base recipe then u make em any way u want-blueberry, apple cinnamon, she did peaches and cream-yummy! I can get that for u if u want

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