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Re: Irritated with my own irritability

I'm there with you guys. DH keeps reminding me that if we want the girls to use kind voices with each other, we have to use kind voices too (*ouch*). It's nice that he's finding more gentle ways to keep me in check though instead of just telling me to quit being a b****

The kids is the hardest one for me, especially ODD. They're both going through things right now, YDD is at the first 'independence' struggle and ODD is... well I'm not entirely sure honestly but she is whining ALL the time and I feel like I'm going to lose it with her about 80% of the time which I hate because she's really an amazing kid and I've always loved spending time with her. Along with the whining she crying/fussing/and grunting a lot. We keep having to remind her to use her words, which is sooo irritating because she's been speaking in full sentences since before she was two. Always ahead in language. I think it's a jealousy thing, lil sister is getting attention that way so maybe it'll work for her, so I'm trying to give her more attention before she asks for it but lately she wants constant 24/7 attention! Ack!

I'm normally a very patient person, but lately... not so much...
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