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Re: Basic Weekend

I have come to the conclusion that every wedding has something happen that makes you thing friend and her now husband had the weirdest person marry them.

She looked odd with her painted on eyebrows that were so high and rounded she looked like she was in serious shock.

But not just that....she read, or rather recited, the wedding speech (before the actual getting married bit) in two-three words sets; really loud and rolling all her Rrrrrrrrrrrs really long like that and then pausing to then say the next two-three words. Really odd. But it seems she's being doing that for 14 years like that.

It was funny but the rest of the ceremony went beautifully. Kids wandered around, they talked and kicked their feet on the floor and no one stopped them or told them to shhhh...and everyone was ok with that. It was great to be somewhere that kids aren't always chastised.

They came out and had rice and flowers thrown at them and then we drove behind them (in the trailer behind a tractor) back to their farm.

Then there was bubbles (from us), coffee (from a swanky coffee machine) and cake. Everyone just talked and wandered around. There was a few things like the first dance from the wedding couple and the throwing of the brides flowers but otherwise it was all just go with the flow.

In the evening we had dinner, lots of really good food and veggies from the delicious!

Later when it just started getting dark they started a huge fire. Everyone sat by it or wandered around talking to everyone else. As you got cold you found a spot near the fire and when you warmed up you moved away and someone else warmed themselves. It was really relaxing and stress free.

Someone had a guitar and someone else brought some drums, I don't know what kind but there were different sorts. Then a Didgeridoo and some box drums came too and for a while they played.

And the last bit that we saw was where they light flames in paper hot-air balloons. then we had to go to bed....Heiner was too tired to stay up longer.

There biggest gift was a huge wooden swinging bench with straw roof. It's made from whole tree trunks. Soooo lovely! Other people started things like a memory book and a memory box. One was for now and one for in 7 years. We all had to write something to put into each of them. I wrote that we wish them eternal happiness (and now I see according to Google I spelled it wrong lol) in English and Heiner wrote the same in German. The German on went in the memory book for now and the English on went in the box.
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