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Re: Round Ligament Pains, SPD, or Just Normal Stretching?

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
I just wanted to semd ome love to my Feb. mamas that are dealing with this already. This will be my 5th baby and I have "never" knock on wood had round ligament pain. I do get the SPD pain but closer to the end because my giant babies like to get their heads REALLY far down there ahead of time. Like you can touch their head I have sme kin of major issue in my SI joint, it stil grinds and clicks even when I am not pregnant. Do any of you have that? OP I think going to the Chiro is a great idea. My midwife said that she could send me to a special physical therapist for the women's pelvic area. Do you maybe have that option?
I'm going to call her and see what she thinks it is and what's the best option for treatments. She's very into natural remedies and usually has some great ideas so eager to see what she suggests. I will ask about either chiro or physical therapist to see which she thinks might be better for me. Did your pain feel like what I'm describing or more in your hips? I don't really have any hip pain, it's all in my lower inside pelvic area and a little in my pubic bone/area as well. When it first started it was also in my lower belly area and almost felt like a constant contraction but more achy, just really tight. And absolutely no grinding or clinking of any kind. So I'm still not convinced it's SPD since everyone seems to say it affects the hips and separating of legs which is neither the case for me.

Originally Posted by misskira View Post
I had spd with my 2nd. It literally felt like my hips were going to split apart and rip my body in 2. Its some of the most intense pain ive ever felt. It got too bad at 38 weeks and i had to stop working. Its like when you way over exercise and your body aches and its awful to move. My CNM said a chiro adjustment can help, but I was close enough to the end that I didn't bother. Swimming helped because of the counter pressure and lack of gravity. Having dh push against my side next to a wall felt good. Mostly I just had to take it easy and try not to overextend and to move slowly and carefully. it was better within days of birth.
See I have no hip pain which makes me wonder if it is in fact SPD. I can still function like normal it just gets more uncomfortable/painful the more I do so I try to take it easy when I can. It aches a lot. It doesn't really hurt more with movement just more exertion makes the aching worse. It constant though even when sitting or laying down.
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