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Originally Posted by Scaethach
I'm having a pity party and need to get out of this funk. I'm wallowing in the fact that I just spent $1k on a wheel and the only thing I like is the orifice hook. I emailed the dealer but I kind of don't even want it in my house right now (pathetic). I keep telling myself to keep trying, I can figure out how to "make" it a good wheel, that if it's so popular it can't be as bad as it seems, but I really want to take the chainsaw to it.
Sorry about the wheel! I'd be super frustrated to spend that much and have it be a lemon. Would the dealer replace it?

Originally Posted by bellybellybuttons
It's woodland friends, hmm just not sure but they look lower than most buttonholes so maybe that's it. Ok off to make some granola and some apples to can with ds on the back in my Boba, yay he still likes it. My first mirror pic. lol
Cute! Hope the button band makes sense soon. DS1 loved our Ergo and still asks to go in. I tmried him in it recently for kicks and his feet hit at the back of my knees, lol.

Originally Posted by Laurshar
Oh no Mindy it's the matchless right? I'm so sorry! I'm still in love with my ladybug, I know that Schact has beautiful products, but it sounds like it's not an issue with the wheel but that you don't like something about it. The design maybe? Is it uncomfortable to use?
I got some fantastic news today, the contractor who did the addition on my house came by and looked at the roof, which badly needs to be replaced. The thing is its only 7 years old, so it's within his warranty time frame and I get a new roof for free! That's a $10,000 relief!

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Great news!

AFM: Leaving the mall now. Stopped by for a quick lunch at this awesome little Greek stand. Hope the boys go comatose in the car so I can rest and sew at home.
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