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Re: I need help understanding modern schooling

Originally Posted by Minniebees View Post
Does it bother you that there are kids with special needs in your kid's class?
I didn't think I would, but I thought it would just be dealing with IEPs and having paras. I didn't realize that the district's entire community of kids with "Behavior" issues (whatever that means) would be my kid's peers. I suppose it will just depend up on the particular kids in his particular class his particular year. The teacher describing the program as the "last stop" didn't really inspire confidence.

In addition this school community is 20% special ed, 40% low income and 37% non-english speakers and it is the school that the homeless population that the state houses in the hotels on the highway are zoned to attend. So it is possible that many of these kids have overlapping challenges to overcome that my son won't face and I am not sure this is the right community to challenge him. OTOH it is one of the few communities around that have a gifted program and this school in particular has ELA gifted program that they start pull out for in 1st grade. However this many be just to serve the needs of those would be average students who happen to be native english speakers, they may just seem like gifted in comparison to the general population.

All schools in Mass. do special ed. inclusion so no matter where we go we will have IEPs and paras which I don't have a problem with, I don't think.

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