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Pics added! The story of Bella Lynn's birth!

Pictures added in post 8.

Bella Lynn's Birth Story

It's a little crazy, and it's gonna be long.

Thursday afternoon (38w4d), at approximately 1pm cst (September 13th, also my father's birthday),I was sitting on my recliner love seat messing around on my computer and watching my kids play and watch TV. I suddenly "peed" on myself, but it kept coming, I quickly thought "Crud, my water just broke." I cleaned up and kept an eye on it, and sure enough it kept coming.

I already had an appointment scheduled with my midwife for that evening at 5:30, so I called her number. Her husband answered the phone (as Thursday is her office/client day). He told me that he would let her know, and to come in when my contractions became 1 minute long and 5 minutes apart for an hour. If it happened before my appointment, by definitely call and go in. If I wasn't at that point yet by my appointment, then just go to my appointment as scheduled and Betty would check me out and we'd go from there. I called everyone who needed to be contacted and did the "hurry up and wait" game. By 5pm, my contractions had pretty much stopped.

When I got to my appointment Betty checked me. I was barely a fingertip. She did check me to confirm that my water did indeed break. She was concerned however. She couldn't feel the baby's exact position, and the heart beat was found under my right ribs, way higher than it should have been. Betty tried to "find" the baby again, had her assistant try, and even the med student who was working with her. No one could be sure of the baby's position. Betty was pretty sure baby was breach and I'd need a c-section. I was devastated. Betty kept trying to figure out Bella's position, and she prayed "Lord, give me guidance and tell me what to do," while searching. She still couldn’t find the baby.. so she sat down and thought for moment.

She decided to call Dr. Behone, the OB who she practices under. As luck would have it, he was on call and already at the hospital. He told her to send me in to him, and he would do an ultrasound to determine Bella's position and we'd go from there. Betty assured me that he wouldn't hesitate to give a mom a c-section if it was what was needed beyond a doubt, but that he ONLY does c-sections when they are needed and there IS no other option. She told me that they are friends as well as colleagues, and she trusts his judgment 100%. I sat in the rocking chair on her porch as she was telling me all this, and suddenly just started to cry. This was my 4th baby, I had my plan.. a beautifully natural, gentle child birth in a calm setting with people I knew and trusted, and I had no reason (up until now) to even CONSIDER that I might need a c-section.

Betty, being the wonderful practitioner, and Christian, that she is, told me that God has a plan for everything. That God KNEW before Bella was even conceived that I would end up sitting there on her porch crying over a possible c-section. That while we can't always know WHY God plans things the way He does, He DOES have a plan, and I just needed to remember that as I went through this.

Chris called our friend James and asked if they could watch our children for us. He took me home, dropped the kids off at James' house for the night and then picked me up and we headed out. We arrived at the hospital and got checked in. I didn't have to wait very long and soon was being told by the intake girl "Oh, we heard about you, you're the midwife's patient, right?" and I was soo in an exam room, talking to the L&D Triage nurse, who also said "We've been waiting for you." She asked me all the typical health questions and tapped the answers into her computer, and then said that she wanted to check my cervix. She said I was indeed dilated to one… but then said the words that gave me hope. "I feel a suture line!" Me: "What does that mean?" Nurse: "The top of the head. I think this baby is head down!!!!" Dare I hope? I looked at my husband with doubt on my face, wanting to believe her but not sure. The doctor came in a few minutes later. He felt around my stomach, and saw where the heart beat was being found at, and said that he agreed with Betty, that he thought this baby was head down, but wanted to do an ultrasound before any plans were made. A (very quick) ultrasound was performed, and the doctor said "HA!" I said "What?!?!?!" He said "We were wrong. This baby Is head down! I don't believe it!" I looked at him in shock and said "You're sure?" He said "Yep!"

The doctor said "Ok, now we need a plan.. a different plan!" He was genuinely happy for me. He told me "Generally, if you come in ruptured, we keep you. But you're plan was to deliver with Betty at the birth center. So you can go ahead and go back to Betty now, or if you want, I can admit you and you can stay here with us." I asked if he would be the attending doctor if I stayed and he assured me that he would be. He told me to just let him know what I wanted and he'd call Betty to pass our info along to her and be back. Chris and I decided that since we were there, it would be about a 30 minute drive back to Arlington, contractions were starting to get painful, and I was really comfortable with Dr. Behone, that we would stay. He said that he would call Betty and let her know, and instructed the nurse to get me transferred upstairs. Lisa (the nurse) stayed with me and ended up being my nurse, from the time of my first admittance through the whole delivery, and she was awesome.

So we get up to L&D, and the room was really nice. Lisa kept the lights low, the bed was pretty comfortable as far as hospitals go. I think it was around 10pm when we got up to my room. By 11pm, Lisa wanted to check me again, my contractions were still pretty sporadic, and not very intense, and there was barely any more dilation, and Bella was still REALLY high up.. .. as in, she was physically as high as she could get. I told Lisa that I felt I had given my body enough time to get things going on it's own, and that perhaps it was time to try a little bit of Pitocin. She agreed with me. I told her that my body reacts very strongly to just a little Pitocin, and requested that we go ahead and do the epidural BEFORE the Pitocin. She again, agreed to my request and told me that as soon as my blood work came back she would order the epi.

The epidural guy, Dan, was awesome. He was just a little silly, and he told me everything he was going to do before he did it. We gave my body another hour to decide if it was going to do anything on it's own. So at 11pm, right before starting the pit Lisa checked me again, and sure enough, little to no progress. She said that she had a feeling that a little pit and I would "blow" (meaning dilate super fast). So we started the pit. The epidural worked PERFECTLY. I could feel pressure of the contractions, but very little pain. When I told Lisa that I could tell the contractions were getting stronger, she checked me again and we had progress, she turned the Pitocin up a little bit, and not long after that I was fully dilated.

Bella, however, was STILL not cooperating. She was still hanging out high up, she had come down a little but not much, she was still considered a -3. Lisa said "Let's try something. When you have your next contraction, give me a big push, let's see if you can push her down." So… I did, and darn it if Bella didn't move down. 2 more pushes and Lisa said "Ok, stop stop, we see a head!" The "we" being her AND Chris. Lisa got the doctor. He came in and instructed me to give him "one good push to see where we are." I did, and he said "Ok, whoa stop! Let me get ready." As he was doing whatever he needed to do, he looked at me and said "Whoah, I said don't push!" I said "Um, I’m NOT pushing! I feel her moving but I'm not doing it, it's happening on it's own!" He quickly finished what he was doing and told me to give him another push. Again, he told me to stop, and again, my body had it's own idea and the head was delivered. One more push, and again, my body kept going on it's own and the body was out.

So.. 3 pushes got her from -3 to 0 in like 3 minutes, and 3 more pushes (that I was in control of) and she was out… that was maybe 5 minutes! She didn't cry at all when she was born, and it took them a minute to get her stimulated enough to really complain (still didn't cry TOO much), so they were a little concerned at first, and *I* could tell, so I was a little upset, but in the end she was perfect and fine.
Doctor told me that Bella had also been "sunny side up," so he was REALLY impressed and surprised that 1. The actual delivery was fast. 2. I wasn't having back labor despite the epidural (which is what happened with Christian was born), and 3. I didn't tear… just a few very small lacerations. The doctor delivered the placenta.. and then the team started cleaning me up.

Lisa was FABULOUS through the whole thing. I told her later that "I know I COULD have done it without you, but you sure made it a lot easier on me!" Lisa was impressed that I was able to "go with the flow" and change "the plan" from a natural water birth at my birth center, to a medicated birth with Pitocin at a hospital. I told her "I think I was so relieved to NOT need a c-section, that Pitocin didn't seem so bad after all." I also said that part of our choice was made based on how comfortable I was with Dr. Behone, that if his attitude had been different, or I just didn't like him, we probably would have gone back to Betty.

Bella Lynn joined the world at 3:31am on Friday, September 14th, about 14 hours after my water spontaneously ruptured. She was 6lbs 14oz and 19" long with dark hair.

Recovery has been really easy all things considered! The team on the maternity ward was really nice and helpful. And other than not really sleeping because of having to be woken up for different procedures or nursing the baby, or the baby needing woken up for different things…. It was a nice stay as far as hospital stays go.

Dr. Behone checked on me later that morning (like around 10am I think) and told him that barring complications, I'd like to go home as soon as possible. He said that hospital policy is that baby needs to stay at least 24 hours, but he would let the nursery staff know to pass my request on to the pediatrician on call, and they'd let me know, but that he had no problem releasing ME the next day since I had a really easy delivery with no complications. The pediatrician on call came to see me and told me that Bella was perfect and healthy, and the pediatrician on call the next day would make the call as to when baby went home. THAT pediatrician saw Bella about 8:30am today (9/15/12) and said that she was fine and perfect, so he had no problem letting us go home… but that he wanted her to stay at least until noon just to be safe. At 1pm Bella and I were waiting for Chris to come get us.

So… there it is. The story of how Bella Lynn entered the world!

God bless!
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