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Boyish wooly destash - woollybottoms, Disana, Little Beetle, Rainbow Waters

I kept saving all this wool for baby no. 3 but he is now 16 months old and I am still not using any of it, so out it goes! Let me know if you have any questions or need measurements on anything!

WoollyBottoms size medium soaker - A little pilly but still in very good shape! $15ppd SOLD

Rainbow Waters size large pants. These are pretty pilly but are very soft. They were awesome "around the house" pants for DS! $20ppd SOLD

Disana cover - size 6-12 months. This was used about a handful of times and is in excellent condition. $22ppd

ESTY cover - brand is Winkydinks. Id say its about a size medium. $10ppd

Woolybottoms footies size medium long. Pretty pilly, but still totally useful! $17ppd SOLD

Woolybottoms footies size medium. $20ppd SOLD

Woolybottoms footies size medium. $20ppd SOLD

Woolybottoms footies size medium. $20ppd SOLD

Little Beetle wool pants. Size M. These are so soft and beautiful. I loved them! There are two small spots on the backside. Perhaps my son sat on something at one time. They are really quite minor though. I didn't grab a picture but I can take one if you'd like to see them $33ppd. SOLD

I can only ship to the lower 48 states.
I am only ISO PP
Thank you so much for looking!
Randi mommy to
DD (4/06), DS1 (10/08), and DS2 (4/11)

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