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Re: 15 month old w/severe seasonal allergies?

We did zyrtec. It helped, but not tons. We tried everything. My poor daughter was sick for six months out of every year. (fall and spring)

The only place she could be happy was the ocean, because she's not allergic to anything at the ocean. But, she's allergic to everything in Arizona.

We DID take everything off the walls and just painted them instead... we put her mattress and pillows in an allergy wrap, took out the carpet, bought an air purifier (which was probably the most helpful thing we did) and put most of her stuffed animals away.

All of her toys went into plastic bins with lids, and there was nothing left out that didn't need to be left out.

Her room was pretty bare, and if it could collect dust, we got rid of it. It did help a little. Just not as much as we'd like.

THis year (knock on wood) hasn't been too bad yet.

I DO suggest the air purifiers though. I think that was our best solution.

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