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Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
Is this the one that promotes the eat/play/sleep routine? If so, I did read some of that book. I wish I had read more, but I was so dang tired with our first DS that I couldn't make myself get through it all. But I did think it had a lot of great points and every day I log on here and read all the threads about 2 year olds still waking multiple times a night, I am so thankful that I helped DS learn to sleep properly as an infant.
Eat/play/sleep is the EASY routine as outlined by The Baby Whisperer series. This is my favorite baby book series and I have used it with success for my three kids and my daycare kids. There are a few things here and there that dont work for my situation but this is the best series by far compared to others. From what I remember of Babywise, it is too strict, even for someone like me that thrives on routine. I find the Baby Whisperer to be better because she accounts for your childs personality type versus a one size fits all approach. My kids were sleeping thru the night (12 hours straight) by 5 to 8 months (depending on the kid) and yes this was also while we were co sleeping/room sharing/breast feeding so I dont think the techniques are exclusive to AP type parents (although I dont consider myself AP).
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