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Re: I need help understanding modern schooling

It doesn't sound that unusual. While my kids' schools don't have "behavior kids," they do a good bit of inclusion paired with pull out programs for those who need it. My DS1 had a very challenged child in his K class that lead to his teacher having an aid who helped with everyone. It was an extremely positive and eye-opening experience for him. I still remember him picking our Bumblebee (transformer) as a valentine for this child, because "Bumblebee is a lot like 'J'. Some parts don't work quite right, but his heart is awesome."

As far as recess goes, the kids get one 20ish minute recess a day. They also get a 30 minute PE class daily. Lunch is 25 minutes. Then there's music, library, art, and technology once a week. And apparently there's a lot of singing and dancing in DD's K class as it comes home with her.

The room is set up with tables and chairs. There is a large carpet for "circle time" type activities. There are also multiple centers/stations with various hands on activities for learning.

OP, I would look at how children in your child's demographic are doing. Many times schools have test scores posted online with a breakdown of various groups, so you could look at low income groups vs non low income, ESL/ELL vs English as a fist language, various ethnic groups, etc. If the groups your child falls into are doing well...
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