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I so super irritated with my dh right now! First off..we are building a little house right now and dh decided no bathtubs. Ok. I have 5 children . The littles need to be bathed in a tub. He has never given a kid a bath so he doesnt care if it involves more work for me. He just hates water getting on the floor. So tell me this ..if I am showering the kids off and washing hair ect...with the shower curtain water still going to get on the floor?? It's tile. It will dry, u wipe it off with the towel. he even refused me one in my master, and tubs are important to me...i luv baths..if I am sick , stressed, acky..the tub is where I want to be. And not to mention giving birth...i give birth in the tub! (we didn't know we were having another at the time, I don't know if that would have persuaded him...but I doubt it . He isn't the one who is going to give birth)
I told him he was going to have to make it up to me by getting me a hot tub for my anniversary one of these times. He laughed "like we could afford that" ....well I find out today that a friend offered us their nice hot tub and he refused it. Cause "we don't need anything else to take care of." Not like he would of taken care of it anyway ! He doesn't do any "chores" around the boils down to not wanting to drive 2 hours and pick it up! But had he told me I could have gotten my family top help me get it. I am sooooooo ticked off. End of rant.
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